Pullstar P12 (this means it has the capability to pull up to 12,000 lbs.) In this picture we are pulling a pump which is hanging on 1 1/4" Galv pipe 400' out of the well. And we are pulling the pump thru the roof of the building because the building couldn't be moved.

Our Equipment

The Kubota excavator is used to dig water lines and abandon old wells.

Our drilling rig is an Ingersoll Rand T3 air rotary rig. We have the ability to drill 6 to 8 inch wells of the residential, irrigation, farm, and geothermal varieties over 1000 feet. 

We are pulling a 5hp pump hanging on 2" Galv in this picture for Emerald Point. Pump was 400'

Our Sterling has a Rose-Wall in-bed water tank that holds 2000 gallons of water for onsite use

The Pullstar P12 is so versatile yet powerful we  can accomodate even the tightest of spaces.  

Here, we are right beside the train tracks.